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Thanks to those of you that have contacted the Museum during the pandemic requesting a visit to see us. It is to be hoped that the year 2022 will see things returning to a kind of normality that allows us to welcome you all. Although we are kindly accommodated by Wattisham Flying Station, we receive no funding from either the Station or MOD and in order to survive we rely entirely on donations from visitors enabling us to retore, preserve and display precious aircraft, photographs and literature covering the history of the airfield.

The members consist of some 20 people of various ages from all walks of life whose aim is to maintain the Museum’s condition and to inform and to educate our visitors of the life of both the RAF and AAC while at the Station using illustrations, models and examples of the aircraft they used to carry out their missions where possible.

Managed by a small committee, the Group shares the tasks required to modernise and present the past in as interesting way as possible within the geography of the buildings provided.


Following a meeting with Wattisham Flying Station management team it has been decided that due to the Covid-19 situation and the fact that we as a small museum only having limited toilet and hand washing facilities for our visitors and our staff members we could not meet the necessary strict hygiene requirements in order to meet the governments Covid-19 regulations.

So it is with much sadness and regret to say that our museum will remain closed for the rest of 2021 but we look forward to opening from the spring of 2022 assuming that the Covid-19 situation is under control.

We would like to thank those of you who have contacted us about visiting this year and hope that we will be able to see you all again next year. Until then our very best wishes to you all and stay safe.

We look forward to seeing you in 2022.

Wattisham Station Heritage Museum, Force Headquarters,
Wattisham Flying Station, IP7 7RA