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Visitor Information
Wattisham Station Heritage will reopen for visits on 
Easter Sunday the 1st April 2018 then the first Sunday of each month 
up to and including October 2018 between the hours of 11am to 4pm
All visitors will be required to produce photo identification
i.e. Passport/Drivers licence/bus pass etc

 Please send your request at least 3 DAYS in advance of your visit
We are pleased to announce the release of the Wattisham Documentary DVD 
after three years in the making

The DVD was launched on Saturday 14th October with a private showing to those who made it all possible and to the press and media.
The launch was a great success with great reviews resulting with the first batch being sold out within the first hour.

click on the picture for further information and details of how you can obtain your copy

Click on the video below to watch the trailer
Welcome to Wattisham Station Heritage

Although we are kindly accommodated by, and receive good will from Wattisham Flying Station we do not receive any funding from either the Station or the MoD, and reply totally on visitor donations to survive, and also to restore, preserve and exhibit precious aircraft, photographs and memorabilia. 

We do not charge an entry fee, but we politely suggest a minimum donation of £3 per adult.

We also cater for large group visits and suggest a minimum donation of £50 for groups of over 50.

We feel that a visit to Wattisham Station Heritage is unique, the airfield has a very long and distinguished history, there is a lot to see and experience for all ages, in both the Museum and our Heritage Workshop. Please allow at least an hour and a half for your visit.
We look forward to seeing you soon!
About Your Visit
When you arrive at the main gate you will be issued with your passes before being allowed on the base.  You will then be directed to our Museum where our volunteer staff will greet you and tell you about the layout of the museum, in order to have a good look around the museum and H.A.S. you should allow a good one and a half to two hours for your visit.
We will then invite you to visit our restoration workshops where you can see our aircraft, this workshop is located in a HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelter) and is at a separate location within the base and you will be escorted using your own vehicles. After visiting the HAS you will be escorted back to our Museum.

Wattisham Station Heritage Museum
Wattisham Station Heritage Hardend Aircraft Shelter

Wattisham Station Heritage are a group of around 20 like minded men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. Our aim is to restore, preserve and exhibit the long and distinguished history of Wattisham Flying Station, formally RAF Wattisham and to inform and educate future generations.

Our small committee comprises civilians, former servicemen, also personnel who are currently serving. Although we operate with the full support of Wattisham Flying Station we are autonomous and rely on donations from the general public to survive.

Not only do we warmly welcome visitors to our open Sunday afternoons, but we are always delighted to organise private visits from clubs, schools and organisations, also Squadron Associations, and of course Wattisham veterans and their families from all over the world.

We are also proud to help provide a link with Wattisham Flying Station and the Suffolk community, the Station is part of our local history having been in existence since 1939. Networking with other museums in East Anglia and beyond is important to us, it is good to share knowledge and exhibits for the future.

We are continually seeking all sorts of fresh exhibits, and regularly refresh the layouts. If you have an item you wish to loan or donate to the museum we will be pleased to hear from you, it could be anything from a photograph, an old letter, a uniform, or part (or all of!) an aircraft.

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